What is nixedonia?

Following eight years with the international law firm DLA Piper, based in Russia, John McVeigh, the CEO and Head Trainer of Nixedonia, established the first office, Nixedonia St. Petersburg, in 2015 as a company solely with the purpose of assisting leading law firms in reaching greater commercial success. It was seen that while lawyers and partners in the strongest law firms had excellent legal skills, few had gained legal sales and marketing training at all. For most, they had had no formal commercial training whatsoever. Nixedonia thus brings better revenues to law firms through two main activities: face-to-face group training and business development consulting.

Nixedonia first worked with law firms in Russia and the Baltic States (2015), then in Eastern Europe (2016), and then in the Balkans (2017). Further, in 2017, the 2nd office was opened, Nixedonia Chisinau,

in Moldova, as a base for South East European operations. Nixedonia next expanded into Western Europe (2018) and the 3rd office, Nixedonia Edinburgh, was opened that year when the head office was relocated to Scotland. Nixedonia thus became a Scottish legal entity. Beyond Europe, Nixedonia has worked with a few law firms in Asia (Singapore, Seoul, Hanoi, Bangkok), the Middle East (Tel Aviv, Cairo) and in Africa (Lusaka, Accra). Regardless of jurisdiction, the need for improving fee-earner commercial skills is quite high, and the tangible return that Nixedonia law firms enjoy within months of engagement has proven to more than justify their training or consulting investment.

As of 2022, more than 500 law firms in over 70 countries have benefited from Nixedonia assistance.

Nixedonia Offices:

Clients locations

The Nixedonia clients are a select and specific group of premium service providers who share the following similar characteristics

  • Nixedonia law firms are top tier and among the best in what they do. They are recognized by ratings such as IFLR, The Legal 500, or Chambers & Partners.
  • The market positioning of Nixedonia law firms is premium in terms of their pricing and services. They are often market leaders on their markets with years of success behind them.
  • The Managing Partners of Nixedonia law firms believe in their teams and are willing to invest in their learning and development in order to allow them to realize their full potential.
  • Nixedonia law firms have a culture of openness, tolerance, modesty, and a belief that they can influence their futures. They are progressive firms, open to new ideas and innovations.
  • Nixedonia law firms are transparent, of impeccable reputation, and work honestly and diligently for their clients to the highest ethical standards.
  • Nixedonia law firms understand that a good brand and marketing will not guarantee success, and that proactive sales is needed to maximize client value (especially if economies contract).

How nixedonia can help your law firm


The core activity of Nixedonia is assisting law firms to reach greater commercial success through Business Development training sessions for partners and lawyers. The typical model for this assistance is a monthly, or quarterly, session focusing on one area of Business Development training. A standard session lasts three hours and the group size of attendees is usually from 10-20 (larger and smaller groups are possible).

In total, there are a dozen different sessions available ranging in difficulty from Elementary (suitable for junior lawyers), through Intermediate, up to Advanced (best suited only for partners).

By clicking on the links below, more information can be seen on the individual sessions.

BUSINESS skills training

In addition to training on Business Development for lawyers, Nixedonia also assists law firm employees, whether fee-earners, or support staff, with general Business Skills training in the areas below.

Like the Business Development sessions, each of these sessions also lasts three hours.

Should any of these be of interest, feel free to enquire for further details.

Practical BD Sessions

These are very similar to the general BD training. However, in these no new materials are presented, and we, together with the lawyers or partners, simply work together in doing Business Development activities based on an earlier standard training session. While the standard training sessions are the presentation of theory, the practical BD sessions are hands-on sessions focused on application.

Sales Coaching 1-2-1

This is simply individual coaching, using all the BD resources, 1-2-1, with a Partner or senior lawyer. This service is premium, but allows an individual to take a bespoke approach to business development skills improvement. Naturally, such a 1-2-1 approach brings much quicker results than learning in a group.

Legal writing

Legal Writing is a series of training sessions that touch on topics of style, presentation, grammar, common mistakes, and punctuation specifically for lawyers. It is a unique Nixedonia-made series of six sessions based on work done in 2016 where the 36 Rules of Writing were created covering the most common areas for improvement for lawyers.

next steps for your success...

In order for your law firm to be considered for Nixedonia assistance, please email John at jjmcveigh@nixedonia.com.

If there is no conflict of interest, and your law firm fits the selection criteria, a trial session may be provided, and a face-to-face meeting held at your office to discuss future assistance.

+44 7534 729 009

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