What is the Background to NIXEDONIA Concept cards?

In 2022, when John McVeigh, the founder and head trainer at Nixedonia, was researching legal sales and marketing materials for use in helping lawyers increase their revenues, it occurred to him that most of the key concepts of these books, or indeed of the training sessions he made himself, were few in number. A good book might have no more than half a dozen concepts, most of which could be written on a post-card. Hence, the idea was born to do away with all the unnecessary “fluff” in writing, and to create a resource focusing solely on these key concepts.

For busy lawyers, this would allow them to get to the heart of the matter, in minimum time. Rather than bury these good concepts in pages of text, and in books of materials, which few lawyers have the time to read, the approach to having these on instantly accessible flash-cards was chosen instead. Based on John’s experience from meeting over 500 law firms, across over 70 countries, he then chose the most useful concepts, from various books, from his own materials that he had made, and from the various jurisdictions that he came across and found most useful.

What are the


Concept Cards?

How do I use Nixedonia Concept Cards?

The cards can be read in any order, or on a topic-by-topic basis. The card should be seen on the visual diagram side first, then read, and then placed back into a pile of cards. The lawyer goes through in a similar way until the whole bundle has been read. Next, the lawyer will try to remember, from the visual diagram alone, what the associated concept is. If this is done correctly, they put the card into one bundle, and if not, into another separate bundle. Basically, through play and repetition, we aim to reach the stage where the visual diagram, and the concept described therein, can invoke the recollection of what the concept is.

How can Nixedonia Concept Cards help me as a lawyer?

Firstly, these cards will save a lot of time required in reading legal sales and marketing books, or attending similar training. Rather than lose time on “fluff”, you get the key concepts, immediately, and can then put them into practice. Secondly, by systematically applying the most practical concepts, you will increase revenues for your practice. A single concept could generate an enormous amount of billable hours. Thirdly, and lastly, the cards will open your eyes to some new approaches in legal sales and marketing, and incite enthusiasm and curiosity to put these into practice– thus, playing with Nixedonia Concept Cards can motivate the lawyer to achieve greater success far quicker than any book or training ever could.